Yacht Guard Service

Yat Güvenliği

Yacht Guard Service

We are the only VIP company in Turkey that provides yacht security.

We serve 24/7 with our armed and unarmed personnel trained in yacht safety at sea and on land.

Our team, which ensures the protection and surveillance of your yacht from land and sea in the land waters of Turkey, travels around your boat with jet skis and special boats, and provides full control over the safety area determined by your request. For 24 hours.

In addition, a separate land team against attacks on your yacht from land, 24 hours Guard to complete your yacht security.

When you go ashore from your boat, our naval patrol will contact our VIP team on the land and provide your security on the land.

If you wish, with our specially allocated VIP vehicles, we will bring you safely to any point in the city. We also offer our air, sea and land vehicles to your service.

We provide your security during your journey to Turkey or any other country in the world by accompanying your journey from the port of the country you wish.

Our experienced , marine manned team is waiting for 24/7 VIP services worldwide!