1. Be aware of the situation that can cause you to be threatened. Think about how and where the threat can come from.
2. Notify your family and the security forces of this situation.(go to the prosecutor’s office and file a criminal complaint)
3. Analyze whether the threat is armed or unarmed, what kind of threat it is, and take measures accordingly.
4. Before you leave the house; inspect the street of your house. Pay attention to any vehicles or people who do not belong there.(if there is a suspicious situation, be sure to inform the security forces and do not leave the house.)
5. Don’t open your door to anyone you don’t know. Be sure to look at the person coming through the peephole.
7. Do not choose rush hours while driving.
8. Constantly take different routes to go to work or back home. Change vehicles.
9. Generally, attacks occur at entry and exit points to the home or the workplace. Before coming to these points, ask someone to greet you or even examine if there is a strange situation in the surrounding area.
10. If necessary, take a quick tour and examine what is happening around you before entering your home or workplace. Only enter when you’re sure.
11. If you are receiving an armed threat, be sure to get a bulletproof vest and use it.

Note: Such threats should not be underestimated. Therefore, seek help from professionals.