Unarmed close guards are personnel trained for prestige and light threats, rather than heavy threats. Thanks to their special physical structure, they give off a deterrent image. They are trained in martial and defensive arts. Various teams that include both unarmed guards and armed guards can be formed and these teams are formed according to the threat.

These are the teams that operates at the points where armed guards cannot enter or leave their weapons when entering and trusts their physical strength.

Unarmed close guards are trained.
Unarmed guards are certified close guards.
Unarmed bodyguards are available 24/7 in Turkey and around the world.
The unarmed close guards are tall and have a heavyset figure.
Unarmed close guards are trained in defensive arts.
Unarmed close guards wear special clothing depending on the occasion.
Unarmed close guards can be hired daily.
Unarmed close guards can give monthly services.