It includes services that require special personnel and equipment, such as ”hijackings, pirate attacks, ransom demands”, which are often found in international maritime transport.
This service is made possible by providing the necessary infrastructure by preparing special work for you and the situation by considering many different dimensions and anticipating the threats in advance.
Freighter security
Cargo Vessel security
Container ship security
Special armed Ship security against pirates.
Container ship security in international waters.
Stowaway safety on ships.
The process of return of stowaways
Ship security at the port
Freight security at high seas
Superyacht Security
This is our team that ensures the protection of super yachts and their passengers at sea and on land 24/7 with armed and unarmed guards.
It is a specially equipped team that ensures the prevention of threats from land and sea in cases where your yacht is in port or at the pier.